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BREAKAWAY:2019 - 20TH ANNIVERSARY - A SPACE:1999 EVENT CONVENTION was held in the Northeast, in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

The venue was at the Best Western: Lehigh Valley Convention Center.

The event began on the early evening of September 12th, with a welcoming of all attendees, and progressed into Friday, September 13th, Saturday, September 14th, and Sunday, September 15th.

The hotel was conveniently located approximately 4 miles from the Lehigh Valley International Airport, outside of Allentown, Pennsylvania, and provided a shuttle service to and from the airport. 

Breakaway 2019 was a huge success.

Alpha 2017 " To Everything That Was" 

This is a fun way to show off my Space 1999, Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica collection of models and props! The models have been built by others (see links) as I don't have the time or patience to do them myself. So I hope you enjoy looking through my web site and please register and leave me a comment or two on how I am doing. Suggestions always welcome. I want to find more models out there, I think I will have a list of models I would like to have. Enjoy!.........Todd
My Star Trek Models were built by Tim Nolan (Ratdaddy Studios'), he is also building most of my Space 1999 kits, and I really appreciate and recommend his talents for anyone who wants a model built professionally!  His website is in my links page, please check him out! Look people, he really rocks! I also have some kits built from Jim Small (Small Art Works), (UNCL & Bixkits) Bill Oram, JD Bryson who created the nuke kit and grappler which mine was built by Mr. Small, and now I also have one built by JD himself. Mr. Steve Platt built my studio scale Dione's escape pod! I also have several 22" eagles built by Rick Robinson. These are all professional kit producers and or builders and I enjoy their talents and I am always waiting for the next kit to come out. ! If they have a web site it will be in my links or look for them on FaceBook and eBay! Check out my Space: 1999 Props & Ships Group on Facebook here:




Space 1999, Blake's 7 and many more products to choose from, visit Alex's website I'm sure you will find something you like! 

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