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This is a fun way to show off my Space 1999, Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica collection of models and props! The models have been built by others (see links) as I don't have the time or patience to do them myself. So I hope you enjoy looking through my web site and please register and leave me a comment or two on how I am doing. Suggestions always welcome. I want to find more models out there, I think I will have a list of models I would like to have. Enjoy!.........Todd
My Star Trek Models were built by Tim Nolan (Ratdaddy Studios'), he is also building most of my Space 1999 kits, and I really appreciate and recommend his talents for anyone who wants a model built professionally!  His website is in my links page, please check him out! Look people, he really rocks! I also have some kits built from Jim Small (Small Art Works), (UNCL & Bixkits) Bill Oram, JD Bryson who created the nuke kit and grappler which mine was built by Mr. Small, and now I also have one built by JD himself. Mr. Steve Platt built my studio scale Dione's escape pod! These are all professional kit producers and or builders and I enjoy their talents and I am always waiting for the next kit to come out. ! If they have a web site it will be in my links or look for them on FaceBook and eBay! Check out my Space: 1999 Props & Ships Group on Facebook here:

Recent News............

4/1/15 I updated the website...........


Rogue Studio's has acquired the license from ITV and Anderson Entertainment to build a Space 1999 44" 1/24 scale eagle transporter with Brian Johnson's autograph and a really nice launch pad base for us the fans! I want to extend my sincere Congratulations to Lee Malone........ And thank you for everything you do for us! I have created a page here above on my site for Rogue Studio's..........


           I now have my 1\48 scale 22" AB Models Eagle Trasporter! It's in need of some serious TLC to make it look like the screen used eagles.............See picture below.............More to come......


4/8/15 I added a video's page and a buy/sell/trade page.......I am still working the bugs out on that one so stay tuned........

4/10/15 I added new pictures to the photo gallery of my 1/48 scale AB Models 22" eagle kit......It's a basket case........

4/19/15 I added new pictures to the photo gallery of the Smithsonian Original USS Enterprise getting ready for refit.........Check out this video........

             I also added to the photo gallery Memories of Leonard Nimoy, some great photo's of him........

4/29/15 I added an in progress build of my Moebius 1/32 Viper from Battlestar Galactica by Tim Nolan..........

          I also added a build gallery of the Space 1999 hanger that I am going to attempt to build on my own! Yes, Really! :-) With parts supplied by Century Casting's owner Alex Jackson. Thank you Alex!

          Coming soon will be updates on my Deluxe Eagle from Round2 Models 2014 released kit that is in progress by Jim Small owner (Small Art Works EIMB) He is also building my 1/72 scale Launch Pad! I have dreamed about this launch pad since the first time I saw it and ultimately found out he did not produce it anymore! I stayed after it and finally a few years later acquired one! So check back regularly to see it become reality!


5/23/15 Well, it's now 7 days until Wonderfest 2015. Very excited to meet friends from all over the world and see the new 22" eagle transporter kit from Round2! Pre-orders have started and it's getting exciting!

           Alex from Century Castings has released Space 1999 hanger parts for full sized hanger builds, also a corner shelf hanger that is 18"X18"X9". See the Gallery for pictures!

6/2/15 Well, WonderFest was fantastic! The 22" eagle was announced and went off like fireworks, everyone loved it! I got to hang out with the Round2 guys, Gordon Moriguchi, Jim Small, Don Hayunga and the Rogue Studio guys Lee Malone and Mark! Dinner both nights with these guys, also met Jim Westbrook, Joshua Melville, Steve Carricato and many more! I got to help judge the Round2 model contest, these guys whom I had never met before really made me feel like we've known each other for ever! It was awesome and I will never forget my first WonderFest! I only purchased one model too, serious restraint! The kit is very nice and well thought out! I will put all the wonderFest pictures up soon! Lee's 44" eagle was beautiful, Just a work of art!

6/27/15 Jamie at Round2 Models has posted a few blogs about WonderFest and the new 1/48 eagle kit. He also mentioned Mwah in his blog, I am honored to have been able to hang out with those guys all weekend. See his blog here! Collector Model!

7/18/15 Well, July has come and we're halfway thru it already. Since my last transmission, I have received several built kits and my dream kit is on it's way to me now, the 1/72 Launchpad! I've been trying to get this one for years. And to add to the excitement Mr. Jim Small has built it and my 1/72 MPC deluxe eagle kit! I'm so excited to have these here in my collection. Alex Jackson has built my corner hanger and it's very nicely done, he is a master of his profession, casting is his calling! Also David Pearson has finished and shipped my MBA build, and wow he did a fantastic job! See all these in my gallery. Next up is the metaprobe build From Jim Small.

8/9/15 Hello everyone, there is a lot going on since my last entry. The Space 1999 Props & Ships Facebook group is growing fast. It's a great place to see others builds and collections. Jim finished my Meta Probe and as always did a fantastic job! See it in the gallery. The 22" eagle and it's controversy is still the hot topic of the forums and groups. I'm excited for it's release. Jamie released some tidbits of info in his blog. He hit on the scale and I like his way of handling the controversy. Gordon Moriguchi received his Rogue Studio's 44" eagle and man it's beautiful. See it also in the gallery. 

9/5/15 Wow, it's September already! I have uploaded a few more photo's to the gallery and some video's to the video page so check them out! I just received my laser tanks from Michael Dentzer. They are really cool, and in great shape for 16 years old. I also acquired 3 Small Art Works laser tanks which I've been searching for a while now! Photo's of all the laser tanks are in the gallery. Alex Jackson also sent me the alpha building he created for me and it is fantastic! Check out his website for his awesome kits! Century Casting!

12/5/15 Where has time gone this year? Well, my top priority right now is the Props & Ships Group kit. It's coming along nicely. Alex is casting away and I wish i could do more to help him but he's kicking azz on it! I recently had another Hawk built by Alfred Wong. He did another fantastic job, see photo's in the gallery. We reached nearly 2500 members in the P&S group, amazing for 8 months. Merry Christmas Everyone!

2/20/16 Hi everyone, sorry it's been a while since I've updated the site. We have taken delivery of the 22" eagle kit and I have been busy as a beaver with the Facebook page Space 1999 Props & Ships. I'm updating this site over the next few weeks so until then get busy building those 22" eagles!

2/29/16 Hey all, I have been busy between the 22" eagle kit and the group prop kit coming available. The 22 is kicking ass in sales and excitement. Hopefully we will see another kit for Wonderfest in June, crossing fingers. The group kit was released about two weeks ago, 60 kits were gone right out of the gate, the rest are slowly going out! Alex Jackson did a fantastic job with this, he's a great person and awesome at casting. Stop in and see what's going on in the group, but word of caution it's addictive! 

6/28/16 Well, hello all! It's been quite busy for me since I last posted. We've grown to 4,500 members in the Props & Ships Facebook group. What a huge jump in just 15 months. Also we have had so many 22" eagle builds show up in the group it's been fantastic to watch them progress. See a photo album in the gallery. Lot's of kits happening, 1/48 UPCM, passenger pod interior, Eagle B1 kit and much more! I've added to my collection also 3 22" eagles so check them out also in the gallery. Wonderfest 2016 has come and gone. I got to meet Nick Tate, what a nice guy. He told us about how he got his role in 1999 and how he almost didn't get the role and was supposed to be killed off. He's such a personable guy, what fun he was. I got to hang with Jamie Hood again, and he's an artist! Check out his painting for the box cover of the 22" eagle, he's quite good! Ok, until next time, keep your nose up!

10/13/16 Well after a few months of back to back surgeries and rehabilitation I am slowly getting back to normal, still a ways to go. So, the new Modeling Space 1999 magazine is out and a huge hit with the fans, Mike Reccia and crew did a fantastic job on it. I was honored to have my collection shown in an article in the magazine, that was very cool. Lots of great articles were done, you need to check it out.

10/18/16 Props & Ships group is nearly 5,500 members!

11/13/16 Alpha 2017 convention has been officially announced!

1/9/17 Happy New year everyone!

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